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Finnegan Wakes

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The Project

The Finnegan Wakes Project seeks to set the entirety of Joyce’s epic to film. The goal is to make Wake’s Word flesh again - accessible and alive for Everybody.


The format is to invite anyone and everyone to perform a page of Wake, accompanied by their chosen piece of music that has impacted their life.

When sufficient performances are filmed for a chapter, it will be edited and published here.

This will culminate in a 17-episode serialized version of Wake (one per chapter) where one and all can watch the masterpiece, and listen to it come alive to music - as Joyce prescribed.

As the project progresses, there will be an interactive website where everybody, anywhere in the Chaosmos (with Wifi), can themselves perform a page to music and upload it, staking their starring role in the greatest story of Alle!

Finnegan Wakes’ grande design is to set in motion a never-ending, ever-evolving, living, breathing, pulsating, interactive portal to Wake. New performances will replace older ones in the online edition of the film.


It’s an invitation to frivolously drop a toe on the daunting Wake terrain, and have fun doing so while also birthing an utterly unique piece of art. And it is an opportunity to partake in the most Improbable: Finnegan Wakes – The Film.


Midnight reading, Antwerp 2018